Andara Shastika

Forschungsprojekt: AMUK

Shasti (Andara Shastika) is a Jakarta-born multimedia, performance and sound artist and community organiser based in Kassel. Through the digital and physical distortions of voice, video and 3D image-making, Shasti works with aesthetic expressions of ghostliness as a political visual language, haunting as a method of rewriting and reclaiming, curse as a practice of critique and the exploration of utopia in the supernatural, the diabolical and the monstrous.

Shasti studied Visual Arts at Kunsthochschule Kassel under Mounira Al-Solh, Mathilde ter Heijne, Johanna Schaffer, and Pauline Curnier Jardinier; a master-school art student of Johanna Schaffer and Mounira Al-Solh; and is now participant of the Graduate School for Moving Image and the Department of Sound under Mario de Vega. Shasti is part of the Kassel-based collective TERRARISTA TV, has worked for Yugoexport, co-organized BPOC Kassel festivals and recently the INDOQUEER DIASPORA CLUBNIGHT with Insan Larasati, Party Office and ook Project. Right now Shasti is working for Prof. Dr. Swantje Lichtenstein and Prof. Maria Schleiner at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf as Artistic Assistant in the research project ComArts (Community Arts).

Shasti’s recent shows include collective works with TERRARISTA TV and dgtl fmnsm in Kassel, Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart and Dresden.

Project ComArts