Steph Joyce

is a transdisciplinary artist based in Leipzig. They have a research-based artistic practice, which tends towards situational gatherings and site-specific installations with video, performative, and sculptural elements. For now, thinking-with embodied research methods, theories of affect and multispecies care, and collective practices is important to them.

Crow Calls Twice

(2021) is an installation with a short documentary video and cushions in lively forms for sitting. With Leipzig, Germany as its geographical grounding point, the video weaves a story of becoming-with and making-with by combining interviews with humans in deep relation with crows and poetic fabulations by the video’s narrator. The video cautiously navigates expressions of multi-species care and friendship while curiously troubling binaries and established knowledge practices during a time of crisis.

The video was supported by the KdFS, Die Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des vom Sächsischen Landtag beschlossenen Haushaltes.